The Million Mask March – I Agree With the Sentiment But Their Solution Is Seriously Flawed

Million Mask March London 2015

Have you heard about the Million Mask March? There has virtually been a blackout of it in the US media. (See this article from the Huffington Post) If you ever saw the 2006 movie “V for Vendetta” by the Watchowski Brothers (now just siblings?) you know the lead character “V” and his now famous mask.…

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Storage space is bigger than Taylor Swift!


I was just at my cousin’s place the other day, and in her bedroom I saw an Ab-Roller. Not the small wheel type thing, but the big, curved tube-type exercise equipment with the foam padding. I didn’t really know her to be into exercise all that much, but she liked to complain about being too…

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Why The Big BANK Theory is My Favorite Show


Do you like watching sitcoms? Most people do. Almost every evening, in fact. Like “The Big Bang Theory.” It has between 14 and 19 million viewers every week? Now I have a question. Could you carve out 30 minutes of spare time every day? If you said yes then congratulations. You are about to learn…

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Why You Can’t Screw Around With Michael Jordan and Don Rickles


<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Just yesterday two long-time stars showed to the younger generation that they got where they did for a reason, and it’s not easy to topple them. A young 17-year-old kid tried to “diss” or shame Michael Jordon — yes, the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan — because of his shoes.…

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People Literally DIE (willingly!) for this Burger…


You would think that it’s common sense to assume that nobody would want a heart attack. But maybe I am naive? See, there’s a restaurant in Las Vegas called the “Heart Attack Grill.” And lots of people go there. It sounds like a joke, but it is deadly. Its food is really bad for you.…

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It’s OK To Want To Be Lazy and Rich


I’m back to telling you more about how to get a great back-end to your business, which will be the thing that makes or breaks you. In thinking about it, I remembered an old episode of The Simpsons, when Homer ran for Springfield Sanitation Commissioner. After a slow start, he and Moe come up with…

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Are There Friends in Business?


Today is Friendship Day. I personally think these new holidays are marketing ploys by greeting card and other companies. But as a marketer, there is always something to learn when people are trying to either sell or market something to us. So we shouldn’t get annoyed, but rather think like a marketer and study every…

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Why I like Paul way more than John (Lollapallooza)


Do you know that Paul McCartney of the Beatles headlined the Lollapallooza music festival yesterday? He played to a packed audience and the set was great. It included songs from the Beatles, Wings and his solo career. Things like Get Back, Live and Let Die, Hey Jude, Maybe I’m Amazed, and more. Here was a…

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Could this teenage trend drive your business?


If you’ve been running a business online, then you know how fast things move, and what a totally new world continues to open up and develop. For someone like me who grew up playing Atari but now is not into social media and video games, there is a lot that one can miss. But if…

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Have You Got The Windows 10 Update Yet?


If you are a Windows user(confession: I am not a Mac fan, sorry) then you know that Windows is giving out a free upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 is supposed to be a vast improvement over Windows 8. I haven’t installed it as yet, but one think I am looking forward to is the…

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