Wanna play internet marketing Bingo?

You get 10 Points for every IM cliche contained in this email and a special 1000 Bonus Points for spotting THE biggest cliche in internet marketing…



It’s on like Donkey Kong.

This email is going to convert like gangbusters as I spill the beans for you on a previously unreleased method (as seen on TV).

This is on fire.

But there’s bad news…

Dropping cliche bombs throughout this email might be fun but it must end TODAY;

And wait, that’s not all, because for today only you’re also getting a non-cliched part to this email in a moment here once we’re done with this cliche shenanigans.

And the best part is;

The money’s in the list.

</cliches OFF>

Okay. Still with me?


That was intense.

I feel dirty.

Did you spot the biggest cliche of all?

Yes – the old chestnut “The money’s in the list”.

What P’s me off most about it is the suggestion that it’s easy to do.

It ain’t is it though?

You need a squeeze page.

You need a PDF report containing awesome authority content.

You need a follow-up email series to convert people into buyers.

You need traffic.

But yeah, once you’ve done all that – that’s where the money is.

Well lucky for you I know an underground genius called Dave Gale who’s done all this for you.

He’s written all the PDF freebie reports you can give away (in the hottest niches of internet marketing).

He’s created all the squeeze pages for you.

He’s written 30 days of follow up emails for you.

He’s even created a traffic-getting system you can copy and deploy.


He’s done everything for you apart from put the money in your bank (you can do that).

I twisted Dave’s nipple (had to avoid a cliche there) and he’s agreed to give you, and only you, a half-price discount on this instant product funnel so grab it now (IM Bingo Points not accepted as payment);


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