McDonald’s doesn’t grow its own beef or potatoes or make money from selling burgers

You know that McDonald’s doesn’t grow its own beef, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc., right? And it’s profit doesn’t actually come from its burgers?


And Apple doesn’t make its own processors, screens, touchpads, etc.

And we can go on and on.

But somehow, people who want to build a business online expect to build everything from scratch. Thinking that’s where they’ll make their money.

Can you imagine a pencil maker growing their own forest, producing rubber, mining metals, making paints, etc.?

The value that businesses often add are in their service, their branding their values, their tweaks, etc.

You should do the same with your business.

I have been promoting Instant Product Funnels for the past week with an amazing offer: a 50% discount and an amazing video bonus to help you get the most out of the sales funnels you get.

What is a sales funnel? When you go into McDonald’s and you order a burger, they ask: would you like fries with that? Do you want to supersize that? Would you like a drink? etc.

A sales funnel is a calculated way of giving people what they want without turning them off by unloading everything at once.

A well designed sales funnel can turn someone who would have turned away from your offer end up buying a whole shopping cart of things.

You’ve seen it work in supermarkets, department stores, etc. They are all designed to take advantage of well thought out sales funnels.

That is how they make their profits and stay in business.

If you don’t have proper sales funnels, your business will fail. It is that simple.