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Are you searching for Facebook marketing strategies? Are you looking to see how to effectively use Facebook for a business, or want to learn how to start a business on Facebook? Then you have definitely come to the best place on the web for that.

Chances are that you are one of the 1 billion + people who use Facebook every day around the world. Facebook is an amazing way to connect people locally, nationally and internationally and it has transformed relationships: personal, societal, and business. Although people primarily use Facebook for social purposes, its power is perhaps even more incredible for business. I mean, how do you think Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire? There is lots of money to be made by using Facebook, not only for Zuckerberg, but for you too.


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How Can Facebook Help My Business?


Because Facebook is used by over 1 billion people, you have access to an amazingly large pool of clients. For many people Facebook IS the internet. They don’t really do much else on it. They access Facebook from their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. At work, at home, and at leisure. And they go on several times a day.

Not only that, they share tons of information which gives businesses unprecedented opportunities to target their customers unlike with traditional advertising.

It is no exaggeration to say that if you want to grow your business in today’s world, you HAVE to be on Facebook. The question is: how do you use Facebook effectively? What are the various tools available? Do you know them?

What is Facebook Marketing?

How To Put Your Business on Facebook

There are basically two Facebook marketing techniques: free, social interaction and paid advertising on Facebook. Both are extremely important and are very powerful when used together.

Free Facebook options involves getting likes and fans (not “friends”), and creating a facebook page for a business.

There are many paid options on Facebook on the other hand. They involve getting likes, sending people to external websites, getting fans, promoting events, and much more.

If you want to learn more about these techniques in depth, I have written a Facebook marketing guide along with video instructions. The ebook, Facebook Marketing Tsunami: Master FB’s Top 7 Marketing Tools, along with the other material can be found here:

Alternatively, you can get a free copy of the first two chapters as a trial here:

The full Facebook marketing training also provides descriptions and reviews of the top Facebook marketing software, a Facebook marketing strategy template, and Facebook marketing tricks.

Do I need to create a Facebook business account?

A business, company or corporation does not need to create a special Facebook company account to market on Facebook. You can just set up a free account like everyone else.

The only reason that you would need to create a Facebook business account is if you are managing the marketing of multiple Facebook clients, or if you have a lot of other people who need to access your FB business page from their own FB accounts, instead of logging into your company facebook account.

Facebook Marketing Costs

The cost of doing Facebook marketing can range from being completely free to hiring a high-priced Facebook marketing consultant or Facebook marketing manager. The strategy you choose should depend on the size and complexity of the campaigns which you wish to run, and whether you want to personally take the time to learn how to do Facebook marketing effectively.

Marketing on Facebook for Free

Free marketing on Facebook is essentially doing the social activities you do in your personal Facebook account – liking posts and pages, commenting on other people’s posts and pages, posting on your and other people’s timelines, finding, accepting and rejecting friend requests, sending messages, etc. – except after starting a facebook business page, rather than a personal page.

Before we get into the instructions on how to create Facebook business page we should make sure that we understand the principles of how to social media marketing. Regular, personal interaction is crucial, and it must be genuine and real. Not “market speak” or direct selling. People don’t visit Facebook to buy things, like they do on Amazon.com, for example.

The goal of free marketing strategies on fb is to get Facebook likes. You can actually purchase a Facebook Page Like Ad to do this, and you may have to do so in the beginning. But it is very possible – and in fact better – for people to spontaneously like your pages and to share them with their friends. This can take off so that you get viral posts – the holy grail of social media marketing on any platform. This puts your Facebook marketing cost to zero while everyone else does the marketing for you.

Create Facebook Business Page

how to start a business page on facebook

The first thing you need to do in your marketing strategy is to create Facebook page for business. The amazing thing is that there is no Facebook business page cost: no hosting fees, setup fees, etc. In addition, it is extremely simple to set up. You just follow the on-screen instructions. It is the same procedure to make a page on Facebook for your business as it is for your hobbies, special interests, communities, etc.

What is great, too, (certainly from our perspective) is that here you have a platform where the playing field is truly level: your Facebook for small business page is on the same level as Apple, Microsoft, and the biggest brands on the planet. You don’t have to worry about gatekeepers blocking you from sharing your goods and services in the big chain stores like Wal-Mart, etc. Everyone is welcome. And there are no preferences given to anybody. That is true free market competition.

If you are looking for more detailed, step-by-step instructions with videos on how to make a Facebook page for a business, we have an excellent training guide here:

What this training does is help you model your own Facebook company “website” by emulating the best business Facebook pages such as Amazon. At the same time the training gives you killer business Facebook page tips, posting advice and strategies, etc. You can save yourself the hefty cost of a Facebook marketing consultant by learning how to do it yourself.

“Create a Facebook Page for My Business” Done-For-You Service

On the other hand, if you want to hire someone else to create a company Facebook page for you we offer a very competitive and high-quality service here:

What To Do After You Create Fan Page on Facebook: Likes, Shares and Fans


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Once you have your company page on Facebook up and running you have three main goals: get Facebook likes, fans and shares.

A Facebook like is the most common activity on FB: you click on the “Like” button to publicly record that you like a post, picture, comment, app, almost anything. The power of likes is that it acts as “social proof” so that when someone visits a page, reads a post, etc. and they see that one or more of their friends like that post, they will tend to “like” the post as well. Getting lots of Facebook likes helps to boost the authority of that post, comment, picture, etc.

Boosting the authority of posts, pictures, comments, etc. makes people want to share content more. And that is the ultimate free marketing goal of Facebook: getting users to voluntarily share content so that it eventually becomes “viral” and everyone is talking about it. Think Gaganam style, or “It’s Friday” or other obscure things that suddenly became global phenomena through the web. This is truly game changing and can be

If you are interested in learning more about free viral marketing on Facebook fan pages, I highly recommend that you check out this free video which explains it all in much greater detail, and shows you how you can do it, too:

Finally, a Facebook fan is someone who “likes” your company page on Facebook (or whatever other kind of page is created). Not only does this add authority to your Facebook page (business or otherwise) and increase the likelihood that your page is shared, your fans will be notified of new posts, pictures, and other content you post on your Facebook company pages. So you keep them engaged, which is very important.

How do you get fans when you are just starting out? You can invite your friends and ask others to invite their friends. You can ask people offline (through flyers, advertisements, etc.) to like your business fan page. But this may be slow and more expensive than alternatives.

One thing I would warn against is the urge to buy Facebook fans. There are companies that offer cheap Facebook fans for your business page. But this is a bad idea. These so-called fans will not be fans at all, and will not be engaged with your business. In addition, if Facebook finds out, your corporate page can be banned or de-activated. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

The best thing to do is to buy a Facebook Page Like Ad or to boost your post. This, however, gets to the next aspect of Facebook marketing strategy: paid ads.

Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy

Facebook Ads are extremely powerful. By accepting a “free” account on Facebook, users agree to share their most intimate information. (That is the real cost of using Facebook.) Facebook then uses this information to provide the most powerful customer targeting and market system perhaps in the history of the world. I’m not exaggerating.

Your Facebook advertising strategy should understand what you want your target audience to do: like a post, like your fan page, visit your website, buy something from your website, go to an event, join a Facebook group, etc.

Many businesses use a Facebook advertising agency to manage their campaigns, because they think it is too complicated.

However, it is extremely easy and quick to set up a Facebook ad strategy. A newbie can set one up completely in 2 minutes flat.

Advertising on Facebook Tips: Reduce Your Advertising on Facebook Cost

Facebook advertising rates can be extremely cheap. But to be effective they must be targeted precisely to your potential customers. If they are not properly targeted, then your Facebook ads costs can go through the roof without you making any revenue.

Targeting the popular and obvious interests of Facebook users can end up with you paying higher costs for lower quality traffic. The trick is to find very specific interests that only very interested will appreciate. So, for example, instead of bidding for ads for people who have expressed an interest in “email marketing”, choose people who like “Aweber”, “MailChimp”, and “GetResponse” instead (these are the most popular email marketing software programs). This will drastically reduce your cost of advertising on Facebook and increase your ROI dramatically. So whether you are doing your own advertising campaigns or hiring someone else to do it, you should know these basic principles so that you don’t end up paying Facebook, or a Facebook ad agency exorbitant fees with little to show for it.

Facebook Advertising Help

Besides using a Facebook ad agency, you can learn how to do Facebook ads yourself. The process is actually very simple.

Our ebook, Facebook Marketing Tsunami, gives you detailed help through our training guide, video course, cheat sheet, mind map and top resources list. You can get a free copy of the first chapter here:

Or you can order the full ebook and video course here:

In addition, you can get free Facebook advertising credit online. The specials come and go, but if you do a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever your favorite search engine is, you will find it.

Also, you can also find a Facebook advertising blog or two with discussion forums that you should joing as well.

More Facebook Business Help

If you would like more help with Facebook business, please drop us a line and we would be glad to give you a free consultation where we can help you draw up a plan of action, using either our own or other people’s products, training and services, according to your needs.

Remember, Facebook is always changing and you need to keep up with the changes. However, the basic principles outlined in this article remain the same. Once you apply them to your business, you are bound to experience increased success and bigger profits.