Are You A Risk Taker?

I know you haven’t taken the plunge yet with MOBE, and you may have good reasons.

But very often the reasons people articulate, are not the real reasons why they stop themselves from going forward.

Is this the case with you?

I’ll continue being honest with you. Only a select few have what it takes to succeed in life. The rest will continue on in the path that society has cut out for them: get a job, go to work, deal with bills, family, etc., try to de-stress with mindless entertainment, then go back out to work, etc.

And then you die.

That’s not for me. That’s not for me, and it never was. I am not sure if it’s what you want, or are prepared to put up with.

I did everything I could to escape that path which I saw my parents on and my whole family. But they were to scared or weak to do anything about it. I was too scared to live a life of meaninglessness.

I hope you don’t think that is too extreme. That is just how I honestly feel.

I am not sure if it’s what you want, or are prepared to put up with.

Here’s a good way to tell if you’re cut out for online success…

How does it make you feel to imagine not earning a steady paycheck?

Think about that for a moment.

Does it make your palms clammy?

Does your heart rate spike a bit?

Does it scare you to think of not having a steady paycheck coming in each and every week? Or every two weeks?

If it does, you’re probably not ready to be your own boss.

But, if it makes you excited…if it makes you feel free…if it make you imagine bigger paydays…if it makes you imagine working on the beach or by the pool.

Then you’re probably ready.

Because ordinary people see a steady paycheck as security and comfort.

Exceptional people see a steady paycheck as a ball and chain holding them down.

The richest, most successful people would never want a job with a steady paycheck. They know a steady paycheck is a prison.

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