Franchise Opportunity Under $10K

Franchise Opportunities Under 10K vs. Top-Tier Digital Products

Looking for the best franchise under $10,000 in [cf_geo return=”address”]?

Most people that are looking for low cost franchises want to get the best of all worlds: they want the freedom, independence, and profitability of owning your own business, and they want to do it through a franchise because it is seen as a sort of “short cut”, where you don’t have to do your own branding and you can rely on an already established business.



Nothing wrong with that.

With all the scary stats about the small business failure rate, latching on to proven brands through a franchise arrangement seems like a good business idea.

Who wants to risk all that time, money, effort, stress and investment on starting a business which all the experts say is doomed to fail for most? You want some sort of “insurance” to make sure that your business is successful from the start. And a franchise business sounds like it is a great way to get that security.

However, the problem is that most franchises are expensive. In fact, the most well-known franchises can run up to several millions of dollars for the franchise license alone. This does not include the costs of running the business day to day.

If cost is a serious limiting factor for you, then buying the cheapest franchise available is not necessarily the best idea.


Economical Alternatives to Low Cost Franchises?

Selling Top Tier High Ticket ItemsThe fact is that while franchising may be an excellent way for a new business owner to start, many new entrepreneurs only choose franchising because they are not aware of the other, potentially much more economical and profitable options available to them.

In other words, most new business owners are ignorant of all their opportunities.

One low-cost business model that is most overlooked by new entrepreneurs is the license model. Specifically, acquiring a license to sell high-ticket, “top-tier” digital products.

This article will compare the franchise model with high-ticket digital product model so that you can weight the pros and cons in your own case.

To be clear, we’ll state our general opinion up front: While there are many attractive features of the franchise model, we believe that licensing high-ticket, top-tier digital products has on balance the greatest potential for profit and wealth creation for new entrepreneurs, especially those starting out with fairly limited resources. You may be surprised at the stark differences.

Let’s explain why.


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