4 days in January: How 2018 went completely off the rails

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I want to share a really good post about marketing and business growth that I discovered on the web:


You may have thought 2016 was as horrific and just plain bizarre as years could get. You may have considered 2017 to be the Upside Down, or perhaps the ultimate proof of the increasingly credible scientific theory that we’re all living inside a holographic simulation instead of a real universe. 

If so, 2018 has three words for you: Hold my beer. 

Mere days into January, the news is providing a queasy sense of unreality like never before. If your head is hurting trying to process every baffling thing in a four-day year that appears to have lost the plot far faster than its predecessors, rest assured you’re not alone.  Read more…

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I hope you found this was as fascinating as I found it to be